Nobody has a perfect body image of themselves at all times. Even the most confident of us have dealt with self-esteem issues related to our bodies. From the way that your loved ones talk about body image to the exposure to ridiculous beauty standards in Hollywood and on social media can all affect us, as well as things like being bullied or teased in school.

Everybody has an inner critic, but we all need to learn to fight that mean little voice inside our heads, or the comments that the haters might make. When women get pregnant, they’re expected to bounce back immediately, but the nine months of carrying around a human can take a serious toll. That’s why one post-partum mom is changing the conversation and helping to normalize post-baby bodies.

Danisha Lestaevel wrote in one Instagram caption, “If you’re at your lowest, feeling down about your body, remember your beautiful children that see no flaws, you’re loved. If you don’t have children, remember that our bodies do so much for us daily, you’re beautiful and you’re loved,”

Earning over 19 million views on TikTok, Danisha has been documenting her unfiltered, unedited postpartum journey every step of the way, fighting the unrealistic portrayals we often see and movies and even in Hollywood from women with access to unlimited resources. All postpartum bodies are different, despite what social media feeds may tell us. And scolding yourself for the amazing thing your body just did isn’t cool, although society has let us normalize it.