One dead giveaway when it comes to spotting a millennial is a lot of smiley emojis, skinny jeans, or perhaps even a side part in the hair. Gen Z’ers, on the other hand, are a lot trendier than we were, and can be spotted via their TikTok dance moves, Euphoria inspired crop tops and resin rings. Thanks to Pinterest, we can now see searches driven by specific age ranges. 

Even though you might think that Gen Z is trying out crazier looks, it seems to be the opposite. Younger people are looking for more understated, grown-up looks, and instead it’s the Millennials that are breaking more rules in the world of beauty and fashion. Here are must-know beauty trends for Millennials and Gen Z folks.

1. Red Eyeshadow: Millennials

You may not see too many Gen Z members going for rich and intense makeup shades like red, but this is what millennials are opting for this year, along with blue, green and gold eyeshade and eyeliner looks. This is definitely a more refined and less youthful look, so it makes sense that Millennials would opt for it over Gen Z. 

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