When it comes to women, there are many different types of personas and character traits a man may come across. While dating, men have to find a potential partner that will be great to be in a relationship with. This can be hard with so many different types of women to understand. It can be fun to date around and see what kind of partner is the best fit for a guy. But it can be difficult to truly get to know someone in the dating world of today. Putting time and effort into a person who is not a good match will undoubtedly end in heartbreak, or at the very least a huge inconvenience and exhaustion of energy. This goes for both parties. So it is essential to find the right person to invest yourself into, to avoid such mishaps in dating. Although, it is hard to say all inclusively what guy may avoid what kind of girl, it can be reasoned that most guys will be turned off by women with certain personality types of approaches to men. If you would like to know the attributes that guys tend to steer clear of, check out these types of women that are most often avoided by men. 

The control freak

Wanting to be in control of everything about the relationship is something that will likely make a man run in the opposite direction. This does not give any room for compromise or for the guy to truly be himself. Usually, women like that do not actually even have any interest in getting to know the man she is dating, but instead just want someone that she can control and get to do whatever she says. 

The emotional manipulator

No one likes to be controlled, especially not by stealthy tactics through emotional manipulation. Emotionally exploiting is another form of not accepting the person you are dating, and it also breeds distrust. Trust is a cornerstone of dating, and without it, the relationship will not go far. Even though he may not realize at first that he is being manipulated, once he does, he will run for the hills. 

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