Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential to overall health for everyone. You can work on every other aspect of your hair, dying, trimming, and other hair care. But if you do not take care of your scalp, you are not dealing with the root of your hair health. You can help with improving your hair by starting at the root, not the ends of your hair. You can spend more money on a professional salon or hair stylist, but that just creates a never-ending habit that you have to keep up with in order to maintain your hair. The better alternative is to make your own product for your scalp. If you like being crafty and have the time to invest, you can totally make your own “Do It Yourself” scalp product. Being ready for the best new hair scalp health can set you on a new path for total hair health. Here are the 6 best DIY scalp scrubs to improve your hair. 

Sugar, honey and olive oil scrub

This scrub works great as an exfoliant agent and can strengthen your hair follicles. If your hair is getting bogged down with dirt, debris and dandruff, this scrub will clean your scalp right out. Just combine a few tablespoons of olive oil with sugar and honey, and you have a great scrub ready to use. You can leave this in and wash off with a mild shampoo. 

Jojoba oil and brown sugar scrub

These two ingredients are great as a pair and both work very well for your scalp. This scrub will protect your hair from stress and provide rehydration. You combine brown sugar with a few tablespoons of jojoba oil, and add in a little salt and lemon juice. This scrub is great to use a handful of times a month. 

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