Queen Elizabeth II has remained the monarch of the UK for almost 70 years, and while it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere right now, there will be a serious shift when the throne goes to somebody else. It will most likely go to Charles, who is her firstborn son. But that leaves many asking: what happens to Kate and William, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge?

How it started with the royal parents

Charles was actually born inside Buckingham Palace on November 14th, 1948. He was Elizabeth’s first son, and she was Duchess of Edinburgh at the time. She and Phillip married one year earlier. Charles studied at Trinity College at Cambridge University and was the first heir to the throne to get a bachelor’s degree there. 

He also trained at the Royal Naval College and Royal Air Force College, ultimately undergoing a duty tour while he was at the Royal Navy. 

Young lovebirds

In 1976, Charles created The Prince’s Trust, which helps children and adults having issues with employment and school. But his love life is what really gained the attention of people around the world. At first, Camilla Parker Bowles was the one to date Charles, but the Royal family didn’t find her a suitable bride. They broke up, and he started his relationship with Diana. They got married in 1981 and not more than a year later, had their first child. 

The breakup

Their first child was born in June 1982, and two years later, Prince Harry arrived in 1984. When the boys were growing up, Diana treated them like Michelle Obama treated her children. She ensured there was still a sense of normalcy and that they were aware of their privilege and unique position in life. 

She brought them to schools, amusement parks, and trips to homeless shelters. Sadly, her great mothering skills weren’t enough and the couple separated in 1992. Four years later, they divorced, and he quickly moved on with his first love, Camilla. 

The backlash

There were also rumors that Diana had her own affairs. A major piece of gossip was that she was with James Hewitt of the British army. To this day, many people believe that Hewitt is Harry’s true father. However, many people stated this was not true since Harry was born before Diana and Hewitt’s affair began