Becoming a royal isn’t all about princess gowns and fancy events. It brings along a lot of drastic changes to one’s life. Suddenly you are always in the spotlight, people are prying into your personal life, and you have a set of strict rules regarding how you should dress, behave, talk, wave, courtesy, etc. The pressure is immense, and the effect that can have on a person’s mental health is huge. We’ve all heard about it in Meghan and Harry’s interview. But let’s talk about a few life changes that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle encountered when they became royals.

1. Kate used to wear cowboy hats, just for fun we assume. But as a royal, you’re not allowed such frivolities, so now we either see her without a hat or in a fascinator. 

2. Meghan used to do all sorts of weird jobs before the success of Suits. After becoming a royal she was scrutinized for closing the door of the car instead of waiting for one of the members of her staff to close it. The weird thing is, it’s not even in the royal protocol that she can’t close her own car door, it’s just seen as not something royals do because they heve butlers and drivers and other servants to do this. 

3. Kate graduated from St Andrew’s University with a degree in History of Arts, and now that she’s a royal she is literally part of that history because her portrait is in the National Portrait Gallery. That must be very strange for her. 

4. Kate used to carry her own luggage like most of us mortals, but once you’re a royal you can’t be seen lugging heavy things, you have assistants for that. 

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