To say that the British Royal family has issues would be to say nothing. Camilla has always had a bit of a rough relationship with the British people. She and Charles started way back, even before Diana was all the rage, and you can imagine the people were none too happy that Charles was cheating on everyone’s favorite princess. When she tragically passed in Paris, Charles wasted almost no time tying the knot with Camilla, but that doesn’t mean the people got over Diana as fast as he did.

And while Camilla has been trying her darndest to make people forget about Diana ever since that horrible night, it’s never really going to work out for her. Sure, she’s an accepted member of the British Royal Family now and essentially the current Queen, but deep down, she’ll always be the “not Diana” chick.

Now, to delve a bit deeper into why this may be, let’s look back at their Royal history. Prince Charles and Camilla met in 1971. And even though Camilla was not a 10/10, Charles liked her immediately. She laughed at his unfunny jokes and did not try to slither her way into the family like the other girls. And Charles seems to have fallen seriously in love. Camilla did not plan for this fling to be more than a simple affair, as she already had a boyfriend, but not everything goes according to what we want.