It’s no surprise that being a teenager is a difficult time, If you add your dad being Donald Trump to the mix, we really can’t imagine what it would be like. On top of that, having your dad become POTUS and growing up in the White House would be mortifying for any teen, who just wants to quietly blend into the background until that whole puberty thing is done.

You might think that the Trump kids form a united front, but in reality, Barron is really on his own. Since his dad has had a few different wives, he has several half-siblings. Tiffany Trump is the outcast of the family while Ivanka, Eric, and Jon Jr take up the spotlight. Barron was just 10 when his dad became president, Jon Jr was 39 and Ivanka was 35. Considering the age differences he has with his siblings, we’re not surprised that they don’t exactly have a close relationship.

Still, Barron and Don Jr. are at least on fist-bumping terms, and Ivanka has also defended her younger brother when the social media fashion police came for him. But it’s Barron and Eric Trump’s relationship that is impossible to find information on — and that’s because it’s nonexistent. In fact, Eric seems to go out of his way to keep his distance. In the documentary “Unprecedented,” viewers learn that Donald pitted his kids against each other, with Ivanka steadily remaining the favorite. Some people think Eric is mad that Barron took the title of tallest son. Donald has even been quoted during a GOP even saying “Barron is 6-foot-7, can you believe it? And he’s 15. Eric is short — he’s only 6 foot 6”.