In every modern war, land troops, ATVs, and tanks make up the army’s core. If you take away the armored machinery, the soldiers will simply scatter, die, or just surrender. Today there are many ways to make a tank crew sweat when they’re invading your country, but nothing beats a hot tankbuster missile to the face. And there goes another Russian invader and his roasted comrades.

Yes, very sad. Anyway, Javelins and Bayraktars may be the best death dealers in the Russia-Ukraine war so far, and here’s why.

FGM-148 Javelin

Javelins are man-portable anti-tank systems (MANPATS or MPATS). Javelin Joint Venture has manufactured this weapon since 1986. And since 1996, it has been in the service of the US Army. These MPATS are designed to destroy armored vehicles, as well as protected objects such as bunkers, DOTs, and low-flying low-speed targets: helicopters and drones.

A key feature of Javelins is the thermal target identification and homing systems. After firing, the rocket spreads its tiny aerodynamic wings and zooms straight to the target, while the soldier either recharges, hides, or changes his position. In addition to the linear land-to-land approach, the Javelins can attack the target from 150 meters above, hitting the weakest part of armored vehicles — its roof.