There are basically two types of people when it comes to watching horror movies: those who get scared and close their eyes and occasionally cower under the seat, and those who just watch the horrors calmly while eating popcorn. But whether you’re a brave popcorn chewing horror lover, or a scaredy-cat who watched the movie through their fingers, you can’t deny that there are a whole bunch of incidents that happen on horror movie sets that just seem cursed. Here are a few that happened in recent years.

1. Annabelle (2014)

It’s a horror movie about a creepy doll that’s being used by a satanic cult to make the life of a couple miserable. Honestly, it feels like creepy dolls are enough to make people’s skin crawl, but the filming of this movie also did not go without some creepy incidents on set. For example, an actor got a pretty bad head injury in the hallway where he was meant to film his death scene. And even creepier, some of the windows that haven’t been cleaned in years would get weird three-finger claw marks on them, just like in the movie. 

2. Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)

This is meta, a horror movie about a crew filming a horror movie that gets attacked by a vengeful ghost. And to top it off, the cast of Ghost of Goodnight Lane also has some pretty inexplicable things happen on set. Throughout the shoot their lights would flicker, equipment would stop working, they would hear some weird voices and apparently one of the actors claimed to be assaulted by a ghost.

3. Insidious (2010)

A movie about a haunted house, a child that becomes comatose and essentially taken over by some pretty evil spirits, doesn’t that just sound great? The actors on the set of this particular horror movie said that they often felt sick, heavy, and generally uncomfortable on set. On top of that, a buzzer would go off constantly in one of the rooms, when no one was there.