The Trump family has been around for a while, and to say that they have money would be an understatement of the decade. We’ve seen Donald, his wife Melania, and his daughter Ivanka accomplish political, business, and personal goals we could only dream about. But what about the youngest family member — Barron Trump?

Let’s see what the little sprout has been up to!

1. Barron’s first day in New York City

The boy first saw Big Apple on March 20, 2006, which is when he was actually born. What’s funny is that Barron was Melania’s first child, but not Donald’s. And she also wasn’t technically a US citizen until July, 2006. This means that Barron became an American even before his mom did.

2. The origin of the Little Donald nickname

As Barron was growing up, he always looked up to his father. All kids do, but since he was five years old, baby Barron kept telling his mom exactly what he wanted — to be like his daddy. This desire was reflected in the boy’s creative capabilities and a great memory. Just like his father! Hence, the cute little nickname, which could potentially be too awkward to ever be mentioned after the boy becomes a man — little Donald.

3. Loaded from the start!

As mentioned previously, the Trumps are rich as hell, which makes their lives so much easier, even when there’s a baby in the family. And let’s not forget that being loaded means you have wealthy friends who want to one-up each other, so the baby in question gets showered with presents like golden strollers, giant plush dogs, and other unnecessarily lavish gifts. Oh, and he got a whole floor in the Trump apartment on 5th Ave. in New York, which included a nursery, kitchen, living room, and quarters for a nanny. That’s pretty good for a baby.