Even though the fashion industry has come a long way when it comes to body positivity, it could still use some more diversity and better representation. After all, the average woman isn’t a size zero floating down the runway, and these brands have realized that. From better body philosophies to a range of plus-size offerings, there are many ways that a brand can be body positive. Here are the best body-positive clothing lines that don’t abide by the narrow beauty standards of fashion.

1. Girlfriend Collective

With flattering, elegant athleisure, the sizing from Girlfriend Collective is very inclusive, with offerings from XXS to 6XL. They believe that everybody is beautiful, and their activewear, tights, and loungewear made from recycled water bottles perform well on every body type. Women of all shapes and sizes will be able to squat better in these leggings, which are available in swoon-worthy colors and matching sets.

2. The Reformation

This ethical and sustainable brand has a focus on transparency. Every garment on their site has details on fabric, carbon footprint, provenance, and other cool information like tours of the factories they use. If you’re looking for a chic dress (casual or formal) denim or a floral print, the Reformation has got your back with high-quality styles in extended sizes up to 24.

3. Aerie

One of the body-positive champions since 2014, this sister store of American Eagle hasn’t airbrushed or retouched its models in many years. They did so as a move to help bring the fashion industry into modern times, and they’ve always shown commitment to portraying a range of colors, shapes and sizes in both their models and clothing styles. Aerie is one of the best role models out there for young girls.