People around the world love following the lives of their favorite celebs. Sometimes we get a saucy scoop about their love life or some new island they bought, but when it comes to the circumstances of their death, there may be plenty of room for speculation. Many mysterious deaths are still unsolved, but people are still talking about them to this day.

Let’s have a look at eight of the most mysterious celebrity deaths.

1. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, the legendary martial artist and movie star, died from cerebral edema in 1973. Before passing away, Lee took painkillers given to him by his co-star Betty Ting Pei. Bruce Lee fans still refuse to believe that some puny pills could have killed the invincible martial artist. There are rumors that by the time the actor took the medicine, the poison mixed in with the food was already coursing through his body. Rumors say his death was a hit ordered by the Yakuza.

2. Kurt Cobain

The most mysterious death of the 20th century has to be the death of Kurt Cobain —  the cult grunge icon and lead singer of Nirvana. Kurt’s body was found in his apartment in April 1994, and according to the official version, it was a suicide. However, Cobain’s fans and widow Courtney Love were confused by some circumstances: the suicide note written by the musician’s hand looked more like a message about the end of his career, and traces of wiped fingerprints were found on the gun that Cobain allegedly used to shoot himself. We may never know the truth.

3. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger passed away on January 22, 2008, under very bizarre circumstances. He was found at home on the floor, surrounded by pills. Some of them were prescribed; others were not. Ledger’s close friends noted that the artist used to buy pills in bulk. He did not leave a suicide note. Fans have speculated that Ledger was fully consumed by the role of the Joker in The Dark Knight that it gradually began to drive him crazy.

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