Ukraine is getting a lot of attention right now, unfortunately it’s because of the horrible bloodthirsty war that Russia started when they chose to invade Ukraine on Feb 24th. It’s absolutely necessary to talk about the war, refugees, supply lines for weapons and humanitarian aid, and of course the courage and the will to fight for freedom that us, Ukrainians, have. But let’s not limit the conversation around Ukraine to topics adjacent to the Russian invasion. We think it’s equally important for everyone to remember that Ukraine was, is and always will be an independent country that has a lot to offer to the world. Here are just a few of the plethora of reasons why Ukraine is cool.

1. Ukraine is an IT state

The IT business in Ukraine is booming. You’ve probably heard of Ukrainian companies like MacPaw, that makes apps for Mac users including Clean My Mac. You’ve also definitely heard of Grammarly that makes your English writing so much better. Yes, Grammarly was founded by Ukrainians. But more than that, Ukraine is the first country in the world that has launched digital passports for its citizens. Yup, we all have an app that has our passport, driver’s license, Covid vaccination certificate and other documents, you can pay taxes through it, and now we can even watch the Eurovision live-stream on that app. Everything is online and it works perfectly.