Before joining her infamous father’s presidential campaign, Ivanka Trump was always seen as the level-headed one in the family. But when her father was elected, she started acting quite weird. Ivanka didn’t call out Trump on his actions, defended him on social media several times, swapped sides from being a hardcore democrat to the GOP just to be able to vote for daddy dearest during the re-election, and muddled the already thin line between true feminism and the flaky kind.

Ever since January 2021, Ivanka’s been caught doing some bizarre things. Here are just some of them.

No bathroom breaks for the Secret Service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as Ivanka’s personal security? According to many eyewitnesses and inside sources, it’s not that great. Secret Service agents who were tasked with guarding the ex-POTUS daughter and her husband were banned from using restrooms in their house. That’s right, you want to take a leak? Go to the neighbors or drive all the way to the closest store. Oh, and if you were hoping to take a shower — forget about it! Not in Ivanka’s multi-million dollar house, you filthy muggle.

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