Vaseline is cheap and useful and most of us know it as a great lubricant. Most commonly we buy little tubs of it to use as lip balm and moisturize lips. But vaseline can be used in a myriad of different ways so here are some its hacks that you can use in various aspects of life from beauty to gardening. 

1. Vaseline is a great moisturizer, so you can use it not only to moisturize your lips, but also your hands, your elbows, or any part of your body really. It’s particularly great for moisturizing dry feet. Just rub a healthy helping of vaseline on freshly washed and dried feet and put on some soft fuzzy socks. By morning your feet should be as soft as a baby’s bottom.

2. Vaseline is also amazing for moisturizing tattoos as they’re healing. But even old tattoos look refreshed and shiny after you rub on a layer of vaseline on them.

3. Since vaseline is great for moisturizing skin, it also works wonders for leather. You can use it instead of shoe polish or spruce up an old battered leather jacket and bring it back to life. 

4. For those of you who like self-tanning vaseline can come in handy too. Rub it on places that you don’t want to tan and it’ll act as a shield, protecting you from unwanted spots and smudges. 

5. Similarly you can use vaseline to protect your ears, forehead, neck and shoulders when dying your hair. 

6. Speaking of tanning, you can also mix together bronzer with vaseline to create a solution that will both moisturize your skin and add a nice glow to it as well.