Venezia Cruz is a beautiful curvy model who started off with a mirror selfie on Instagram and now has amassed a 600K+ following and signed with multiple modeling agencies. She has worked with major fashion brands and recently even worked on a shoot with Beyonce. Seeing as her popularity continues to grow we thought it’s high time to share some facts about Venezia Cruz.

1. Venezia is a Valentine’s Day baby, she was born on February 14, 1998. Must be kinda cool, knowing that you’ll definitely receive gifts on Valentine’s Day, since it’s your birthday.

2. She’s a California native she was born and grew up in San Diego, CA. 

3. She’s of Mexican, Portuguese, German descent. You know, in case you were wondering how she got to be so gorgeous, it’s gotta be the beautiful mix of all those genes that she got from her parents. 

4. She first tried modeling when she was still in high school, but wasn’t sure if it was right for her, since plus-size modeling wasn’t as popular back then. However, she did get noticed and the rest is history. 

5. The first modeling agency that signed her was Natural Models LA, which was a perfect match because they were all about shifting the public opinion from unrealistic standards of the modeling industry to appreciating real-life beauty. They were looking for models of various sizes and with all sorts of beautiful “imperfections”.

6. Venezia is an Aquarius. If you’re into astrology you probably already know that Aquarius is the most innovative, rebellious and progressive sign, which fits perfectly with Venezia, don’t you think?

7. Cruz has worked with such well-known brands as Fashion Nova Curve, Boohoo, Shein, Pretty Little Thing, Nasty Gal, Abercrombie, Under Armour, Fabletics, and many others. 

8. Once Venezia realized her potential as a model she made the smart move to New York, after all, that’s the fashion capital of the world and it makes sense to live there if you’re a model. It was a great decision because soon after she moved to New York she got signed with Wilhelmina Models.

9. In 2018 Venezia became the face of Fashion Nova, then she also became one of the faces of the Forever 21 plus size range, and in 2019 she also became the face of Valcom plus size campaign. Her career keeps bringing her amazing opportunities left and right. 

10. Speaking of great career moves, she recently booked a job for the collaboration of Ivy Park and Adidas. She was obviously over the moon about getting to be featured in Beyonce’s new project.

11. Many are curious about Venezia’s relationship status. As far as we know she’s single. But when talking about her preference in a partner she said that she likes a guy that is willing to cook her dinner, it doesn’t matter if it’s fancy of just something you can quickly zap in the microwave, it’s the effort that she cares about. So if you can cook – get in line gentlemen.

12. If you’re wondering about her body stats, here they are. Venezia is 5’7’’ and weighs around 187 lbs. Her chest-waist-hips measurements are 43’-31’-45’. She wears US size 14-16. And we think she’s absolutely stunning.

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