The Zendaya and Tom Holland love story started in July 2021, after the co-stars met on the set of “Spider Man: Homecoming” back in 2017 and fell in love with each other. Fast forward to the tail-end of 2022, and we have some even crazier news.

You might have recently heard that Tom Holland proposed to Zendaya. The news first broke on November 23rd from the PrettyLittleThing Twitter account, citing the IG of the company Pubity. It gained more than 18,000 views almost instantly and spread like wildfire from there. After these rumors started swirling around the internet, fans started getting giddy. It wasn’t long ago that this couple went public with news of their love, and the fact that Zendaya might be getting wifey’d up soon was too much for social media to handle. 

Based on reports, the idea was executed by Holland, and although sources confirm that he did get down on one knee for Zendaya, her response was a total shock. Yup, even handsome British superstars aren’t immune to rejection. An insider who works for the actor reveals that he planned an intimate dinner party, which is where he planned to pop the question.