Does anyone remember the blonde hottie, Jane Humphrey, from the cult classic series Gossip Girl? Unlike other, more mature-looking actors, Taylor Momsen was probably the only star who was able to fool the viewers into believing she was a teenage schoolgirl. Her miraculous off-screen transformation throughout six seasons had nothing to do with the wild imagination of the on-set stylists but rather with Taylor’s inner state of mind.

Over time, Taylor’s makeup got darker, her ash-colored hair longer, and her skirts shorter. This is what she got for playing the role of a cruel and vindictive b-word bullying people for their looks. This whole image later became her go-to stage look for Taylor Momsen’s band “The Pretty Reckless.” However, a few years ago, she went completely dark. Only a select few people had heard about her goings-on, and many fans felt that the young rock star had disappeared from show business due to heavy drug addiction or even something worse. But what really happened to Taylor?

Taylor Momsen has been suffering from depression and drug addiction since 2017, as she struggled to cope with the loss of her good friend and producer Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. The singer was on tour with Cornell when he committed suicide at the age of 52, which broke her mentally.

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