King Charles III only just became the King and hasn’t even been crowned yet, but people are already wondering what would happen following his death. It might seem a bit cruel to wonder about the King’s death when he literally just acceded the throne, but once you consider his age (at 73 Charles is the oldest person to ascend the British throne) and the fact that men generally don’t live as long as women, it’s just pragmatic. After all, there’s absolutely zero chance that Charles will be the King as long as his mother has been the Queen. So what will happen in the event of his death?

1. He will get a state funeral. It’s customary for royals to receive state funerals unless they specifically choose not to. Some royals have made that call, but it’s rare and we’re 99% sure King Charles will go along with the state funeral.

2. The Earl Marshal will plan the ceremony because that’s their job. The Earl Marshall plans all state ceremonies, be it the crowning of a new monarch or a state funeral. 

3. While the specifics are unknown, it’s fair to assume that it’ll be very similar to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, since there are many royal traditions that always take place.

4. It’s pretty much certain that the King’s casket will be transported using the state gun carriage of the Royal Navy, just like it has been with many previous ruling monarchs.