When Ben Affleck graced our screens in the 1990s with Matt Damon, people all over swooned and fell in love with his good looks and acting. His presence in the tabloids and media hasn’t always just been due to his acting career. There are the dramatic stories of the two Jennifers in his life, as well as the melancholy shots of him that the paps captured. But regardless of all the highs and lows, you can’t deny that Ben Affleck is a Hollywood success story. Although he’s starred in a number of flops like “Gigli” and the Caped Crusader in “Justice League”, he still has a serious career and solid reputation as an Oscar-winning actor. 

And although many just think he’s some basic frat guy, he was dealing with his own personal demons, as we all do. Today, he’s rekindled a romance with Jennifer Lopez and throughout the tragedies in his life, is now experiencing a major glow-up in both his personal life and career. 

His dad struggled with substances

Growing up in a working-class neighborhood n Boston, Ben Affleck’s mom was a teacher and Harvard grad while his father taught him communist beliefs and a sense of justice. Still, Tim’s dad had his demons — alcohol, to be specific. In various interviews, he admitted that his dad spent all day drinking and developed resentment towards the wealthy since he never attained his own. When his dad finally got sober, he became an addiction counselor. 

His parents divorced when he was a child

When Ben Affleck was 12 years old, his parents divorced as a result of a toxic dynamic. The first thing Ben felt was a relief, since he had such bad memories of the marriage. This resulted in Ben being raised by a single mom. Without a father figure to guide him into adolescence, Ben confronted some issues. He stopped taking school seriously and his grades declined as he “stopped caring” as he told the Hollywood Reporter. 

A tragic family history

His dad’s not the only dark secret in Affleck’s past — his grandmother died by suicide, just like his uncle. Both of those family members had addiction issues and alcoholism, so fighting that urge to depend on substances wasn’t an easy process for Ben Affleck. He even admitted to Marc Maron that his brother, Casey Affleck, also struggled with alcohol. Tragedy even happened with his friend group — Ben’s childhood friend was stabbed as a child and many of his fellow classmates died young as they came from abusive homes.

His own brush with addiction

In a revealing article with Diane Sawyer, Ben Affleck admitted that he had his addiction issues but got sober in 2001. After casually picking up drinking again in 2003, he eventually suffered a relapse in 2012. His dad Timothy blames the entertainment industry for drinking, calling Hollywood “a disgusting place”. In 2019, we all saw the famous TMZ footage, and so did his kids. This humiliating moment led him to get help with the support of famous friends Robert Downey Jr. and Bradley Cooper.