One of the iconic Black supermodels of 1990s who broke boundaries while gracing magazine covers and runways, Tyra Banks is a major part of the fashion industry. Born in the 1970s, Tyra was a staple of the ‘90s. And of course, who can forget her impact on reality TV with the controversial show “ANTM”? Today, she’s known for more than just being a supermodel. Her strong work ethic and personality have helped her build an empire. 

In an interview with “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit”, she spoke of the importance of representation for other little girls who looked like her, hoping that she would make African-American children feel more beautiful in a world with unattainable beauty standards. Although the Tyra Banks transformation has been a major one, she’s still stayed true to herself through the entire journey. 

A healthy childhood

As a kid, she maintained a healthy level of physical activity and never smoked. She also had a healthy appetite for food. As a child, her role model was Angela Black, a Black news anchor who was on TV in a prominent position, showing Banks that anything was possible. Although her childhood was filled with love, she also experienced bullying at school due to her tall and skinny body type.