It’s not often that famous child stars transition into a successful adult acting career, but Abigail Breslin is one of the few actresses who managed to grow up entirely on our screens. From a wildly popular child actor to a frequently cast adult in shows like “Scream Queens,” Breslin has often discussed the struggles of being a child actor. 

She told iNews in 2021 that people sometimes forget she’s “25 years old and not 9 anymore. People tend to want to keep you in one specific pigeonhole.” Regardless of that, Abigail has definitely not put herself in a pigeonhole and has filmed tons of highly-acclaimed projects. She’s also an emerging musician and a verified social media starlet. Yet despite all these accolades and her still-growing career, Breslin has remained modest.

An early acting career

Born in New York City, Abigail was destined for success. She started acting at the young age of 3, starting with a Toys ’R’ Us commercial. A couple of years later, she starred as Bo Hess in the 2002 sci-fi drama “Signs” and co-starred with her sibling Spencer in “Raising Helen”.