A while back, many of us raised an eyebrow when these very different people got together and became a couple. Both of these people were with partners that they thought would be their forever fairytale ending, but the harsh reality of being a celebrity can stop that in its tracks. After a very public divorce with Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton was in the news for canoodling with the No Doubt singer. Finally, Blake has opened up about his divorce, so grab your popcorn.

1. Living in the spotlight

Stars don’t skimp out when it comes to their kids. Like plenty of celebs, Gavin and Gwen had lots of nannies to raise their kids while they committed to intense and chaotic schedules. However, things got messy when poor Gwen discovered that her husband had been having an affair with their nanny, Mindy Mann. She even called it “a year that was so full of horror — the worst, worst.”

2. A dealbreaker

Gwen realized that she couldn’t take it anymore and wouldn’t be able to trust Gavin again after the shocking discovery she made. She would constantly relive the experience, feeling Mindy’s presence in her home even though she wasn’t around. During their nuptials, Stefani took her husband’s name. But after this ordeal, she legally changed her name back to Stefani.

3. Blake and Miranda had their own struggles

While Gwen and her ex were going through their tough time, so were Shelton and Lambert. In 2013, Life & Style magazine posted a slanderous article claiming that Shelton cheated on his partner. At the time, Blake was focused on releasing his upcoming album, and Lambert admitted that her parents told her that divorce wasn’t an option.

4. Dating on the job

People gave Gwen a lot of trouble for starting a relationship with Blake, calling her a home-wrecker and pinning his divorce on her. At the same time, there were rumors about their chemistry on the set of “The Voice” where the two of them were both judges. Although they didn’t know they would find each other, sources said they hit it off instantly.

5. A not so nice surprise

Before Lambert, Blake had two divorces under his belt, and many people claim that the reason for that was that he never felt satisfied with his past marriages.  Although their biggest fans were hoping for a pregnancy announcement, they instead sadly got one about divorce.