We all say something wrong occasionally or take the wrong side in the argument, but when you’re a celebrity it’s way more embarrassing because everyone knows about this. However, there’s always a way to course-correct, or apologize for your wrongdoings. But some celebs really suck at apologizing. They issue a public apology to clear their name, but they don’t mean a word of it, which is immediately obvious to the public. Here are a few cases of such clearly insincere celeb apologies. 

1. Gina Rodriguez

The Janes the Virgin posted a video of herself on Instagram singing along to Ready or Not by the Fugees and she sang a racial slur. The public pointed out how that was wrong of her and instead of owning up and admitting her wrongdoing she “apologized” on Instagram stories by saying that she’s sorry if she offended anyone by singing along to a song that she loves and grew up listening to. Yeah, Gina, that sounded more like an excuse than an apology. 

2. Demi Lovato

Demi once blasted a yogurt shop on Instagram stories for having sugar-free options. As someone who suffered with an eating disorder she said she found the sugar-free label triggering and as though it was glorifying diet culture. The shop replied saying they carry various options for people with special dietary needs, so they have products that are suitable for diabetics, celiacs and vegans too. When the public started defending the store Demi attempted to backtrack by saying that she’s not coming after a store, she just thinks it would make more sense to label foods as those suitable for different dietary needs instead of “sugar free”. She said that she walked into a situation that didn’t sit right with her so she spoke up, and she feels good about that decision. Again, that’s not how you apologize when you’re clearly in the wrong. This is nitpicking and finding a way out of something you clearly misunderstood and misinterpreted. 

3. Erica Pelosini

When she was photographed topless on a boat with Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugene’s husband, she said smth along the lines of “I know it looks bad for Jack and his family, since he was there with three woman and his wife wasn’t there, I don’t usually go topless, but really it’s just that my bikini got wet and I decided to take it off.” Like what? She also decided to impart some wisdom on Princess Eugene about how she should feel about the whole situation, saying “If I gave birth 5 months ago and I saw my husband enjoying some time in the sun I’d be happy for him”. That’s just bizarre.