Lizzo needs no introduction. She is iconic to the point where if you don’t know her, it’s your loss. She’s an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and performer. Her songs are so catchy that you just can’t help but spend days listening to them over and over, and then a few more weeks have it playing in your head as you do your household chores. 

She is also a body-positive icon who is all about self-love and self-improvement. Lizzo is all about flaunting her curves while also trying her best to make sure she keeps her body healthy. So she decided to eat healthy and start working out and that led to weight loss. 

Now people are questioning whether this was a result of a diet or weight loss surgery. Well, Lizzo documented her process on social media. She posted what she ate on her TikTok, she posted videos of her training with a trainer on Instagram. Your girl did it all the old-school way. And it’s not like her goal was to become a whole different person. It was all about being good to yourself, eating the food that nourishes your body, and working out to make the body strong.