This has been one of the most trying times for the British royal family, ever since the Queen passed away. Since her departure, they have been trying their best to continue on and get through such a rough period. In public they have maintained a solid united front, but have also dealt with the sorrow of grief and a new reality without the Queen. 

While this has been going on, it is also time for some members of the royal family to step up and take on new responsibilities. This mainly includes Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are now going by the titles Prince and Princes of Wales. Not only are they now expected to take on new roles as royals, they also have changes happening within their personal family unit. Prince William and Kate’s kids have just started at a new school. This is because the family recently moved to Adelaide Cottage which is located on the grounds of Windsor Castle, whereas they previously lived in Kensington Palace. This is definitely a big change for their young ones Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. 

The big move is happening after the couple decided to leave Kensington Palace in August. Their new home is one with a very old and rich history. Queen Adelaide, who was the wife of King William IV, lived at the cottage, back when it was constructed in 1831.

Even though the kids are now on break and the family is all trying to take some time to relax, Kate has reportedly been struggling to deal with all the changes. A royal expert said that she has been experiencing anxiety and stress since these many added pressures have been added to her shoulders.