There’s no denying that this star is the queen of TV shows. After being in the entertainment biz since she was a kid and pioneering CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” as Penny, going into that IMDB page yields an impressive amount of titles. Beyond the sheer number of series that she’s tackled in recent years, the quality is usually on point.  Still, even winners are bound to suffer from losses — here are all the best and worst TV roles that Kaley Cuoco has starred in.

Worst: Kristin in the Nightmare Room

We got to see baby Kristin do her best in this teen horror anthology, and while it starred plenty of teen Disney heartthrobs, it was pretty campy and the acting roles matched. For millennials, this is the ultimate throwback with stars like Brenda Song, Shia LaBeouf and the Sprouse twins. In the show, Kaley stars as a mean girl who aims to ruin the life of the protagonist. Her IMDb ratings will show you what people really thought of the show. 

Best: Heidi in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Getting a role in this hilarious show is no easy feat, but Kaley certainly pulled her weight as Heidi, a guest star in season 11 who stars as Larry David’s optometrist. Like many of the characters in the show, she’s forced to put up with his long-winded complaints and general pessimistic attitude towards life and encounters. Their back-and-forth was a memorable one, and Kaley said that being on the show was on her bucket list.

Worst: Bonnie in Ladies Man

You might not remember this sitcom from the early 2000s, and that’s probably because it was short-lived. Based on a family full of women and a man living with them, this comedic show had potential (mostly from the fact that Betty White was its shining star) and Kaley took over in the show as the eldest daughter Bonnie Stiles, who was previously played by Shawna Waldron. Fans don’t usually love mid-series actor replacements, which was ultimately what put this show down the drain along with poor critic reviews. 

Best: Bridget in 8 Simple Rules

Shortly after playing Bonnie in “Ladies Man,” Kaley starred in a more successful show. This was one of the shows that really put her on the public’s radar, even though it only lasted three seasons. “8 Simple Rules” won the 2003 Teen Choice Award for the show, which helped prove her talent and helped her skyrocket to rockstar status in Hollywood.

Worst: Kirstee in Bratz

Many people don’t know this, but Kaley starred as the voice-over for Kirstee in Bratz. She did so for the 2005 animated series, a 2013 TV movie and video games. She was one-half of the Tweevil Twins and even though these dolls did great as a toy franchise, their animated series was a low-quality, choppy work that wasn’t exactly watchable. Combined with a lack of originality, this antagonist isn’t one of her best roles.