With Donald Trump being out of the White House for some time now, rumors have circulated that he may be trying to make a play to return to politics very soon. Sources have also said that his wife Melania Trump may not have been too sad to leave the White House at the end of his term as President, with several different instances of reports that she did not particularly enjoy her time as the First Lady. This is not the only rumor circulating about discord between Donald and Melania, as several sources have reported that the two have been experiencing problems in their marriage since his initial election in 2016. As with any politician of such high profile, Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage was scrutinized under watchful eye while in office, and since they took their leave of the White House. Now as rumors circulate that he may be attempting another presidential run in the coming years, take a look at why some people think that Melania is going to divorce Donald Trump.

It’s no secret that the couple has had a different viewpoints on politics in general. It’s also been publicly documented that Melania has been less than happy to be next to Trump during some public appearances — such as the time in 2020 when she refused to hold his hand in public or smile for a photo op with Donald. The rumor mill really took it up a notch in 2020 with the release of Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan’s book, “The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump.” In her book, Jordan claims that Melanie renegotiated her prenuptial agreement not soon after Trump became president.

Additional discord was suspected when Melania Trump did not immediately move to the White House following Trump’s election. It took her five months to move herself and then 10-year-old Barron from New York to Washington, D.C. While Melania says that she was waiting for Barron to finish school, Jordan claims this is when Melania took the time to update her prenup.