Ed Sheeran’s songs have made him quite a dreamboat amongst the ladies. That is until he met his perfect woman and tied the knot. These days he’s got a wife and two kids, his career is still going strong (possibly even stronger than before) and he seems to truly enjoy being a family man. But let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what we know about Ed’s wife Cherry Seaborn and their relationship. 

Ed and Cherry actually met in school when they were just children, so technically they’ve known each other for most of their lives. They went to the same school in Suffolk and met when they were 11. Apparently, Ed even had a crush on Cherry, but it wasn’t meant to be back then, since she had a boyfriend already. But they’ve been friends for years. After school, their paths didn’t cross. Ed was busy writing songs and pursuing his music career, while Cherry was studying science in England and later doing a master’s degree across the pond in The US. It was actually in the US that they first reconnected, while Ed was on tour and Cherry was living in New York.

2015 – Unexpected First Date

Ed and Cherry were texting, when they found out that they were actually in the same neighborhood at different 4th of July celebrations. Ed was already at Taylor Swift’s famous party when he asked Taylor if he could invite a schoolmate of his over and the rest, as they say, is history. 

2016 – Moving Back Home

Their relationship started out so strong that Cherry, who was working in Manhattan at the time, decided to transfer to the London office of the company she was working at, to be closer to Ed. Later they even both decided to take a break from work for a year and just focus on spending time together and building a solid foundation for their relationship. They traveled together and just spent every day enjoying each other’s company and learning more about themselves. 

2017 – New Songs and Proposal

Since at the beginning of their relationship they went long distance for a while, it certainly inspired Sheeran to think a lot about his girlfriend and write a few songs about her. Cherry’s become quite a muse for him. Ed’s hit song “Photograph” is about Cherry, and he also mentioned their relationship in Taylor Swift’s “End Game”. You might remember lyrics about how he knew she was the one for him when he was young but they reconnected when they were older. He also sang about how something magical started on the 4th of July, which we know was their first date. It’s quite symbolic that they had that date at Taylor Swift’s party and then he referenced that in a song with Taylor Swift.