Although celebrities might seem untouchable to the rest of us, the rich and famous still experience the woes of regular people. One of them is domestic abuse, which is extremely complex and can present itself in all kinds of ways. Unfortunately, having that coveted celeb status won’t protect you from the perils of domestic violence, but opening up about it and speaking out against it can help you or a loved one get the help you need. Here are the top celebrities who have been affected by domestic violence. 

1. Rihanna

Rihanna shocked the world when we saw pictures of her brutalized by then-partner Chris Brown. One evening in 2009, the rapper tried to push his girlfriend out of the car. He slammed her head against the car window and punched her multiple times. He continued with threats of physical violence, but luckily Rihanna’s assistant called the police, who arrested Brown and charged him with multiple felonies. Today, she’s living a healthier and happier life with A$AP Rocky. 

2. Christina Aguilera 

Christina Aguilera experienced domestic abuse at the hands of her father, who emotionally and physically mistreated her. She escaped in musicals like “The Sound of Music” but it took a relationship with her ex, Jordan Bratman, to break that cycle, as well as the practice of yoga, which has helped her health with trauma and be present in the moment. 

3. Halle Berry

When most people think of Halle Berry, they think of an empowered goddess, not a victim. But Halle once told an interviewer that her mother was a survivor at the hands of her father, and famously said that domestic violence could happen to anyone — even celebrities. After watching this abuse, Berry claims that she’s struggled with self-worth and choosing the right partner in her own life.