Some celebrities seem to defy the laws of aging and seem to get even more youthful as the years go on. While these stars were already smoldering in the 90s, in 2022, they look more stunning than ever. While many celebrities deal with aging through getting excessive amounts of plastic surgery, these stars seem to have magically preserved their good looks through the years in a natural way. Somehow, they’re even more iconic in their 40s and 50s.

From the era of grunge and butterfly clips to contemporary times, these sex icons of decades past are looking the best that they ever have and aging like fine wine. 

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Gellar will always live on in our hearts as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, although her role in “Cruel Intentions” certainly helped skyrocket her to sex symbol status. Today, she’s still married to Freddie Prinze Jr after 19 years, and while he certainly has aged a bit, Sarah’s good looks are stuck in a time capsule in the best way possible.

2. Danielle Fishel

From her bright eyes to those supple lips, Topanga was one of the hottest characters on TV. For many, she was the reason they tuned in to watch “Boy Meets World”. Today, she’s a mom and those good genes have continued to bless her — you’d never guess this babe was 40!

3. Christina Applegate

While Christina was an undeniable bombshell on Married with Kids, which started in the late 1990s, she’s become even more beautiful than when she was supposedly in her “prime”. Her experience as a survivor and everything else she’s gone through helps her inner beauty shine like never before. 

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Once regarded as America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Love Hewitt somehow looks more beautiful today than she did on “Party of Five” and all the other iconic 1990s movies she starred in. As always, her lustrous locks still look amazing, and a wrinkle is nowhere to be seen.