There are many incredibly talented actors, performers, and models with Hispanic roots, but a lot of them don’t look or sound the part. Or at least, when you see them or hear their name, you don’t automatically assume their heritage, like Bruno Mars, or Anya Taylor Joy, for example. The Hispanic roots of some of these celebs are clearly visible, while others have just a subtle hint that adds that additional pinch of charm.

These men and women are not only beautiful but also talented. You’ll see them in famous movies, high-fashion shows, and music events. Some of them came to Hollywood from Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina, etc., while others were born and raised in other countries, but their families come from Latin America. The great thing about these celebrities is that they transcended racial and ethnic stereotypes to gain influence in Hollywood. They used their fame to pave the way for other Latin Americans.

Here are nine world-renowned stars with Hispanic roots.

1 Anya Taylor-Joy

Even though Anya Taylor-Joy was born in Miami, she speaks fluent Spanish, thanks to being raised in Argentina. A Scottish-Argentinian dad and a British-Spanish mom must be proud of raising such a fantastic daughter.

2 Vanna White

One of the most well-recognized TV hostesses in the US is Vanna White, whose real name is Vanna Marie Rosich. She later adopted her new last name, White, from her stepfather. Vanna’s biological father, who was from Puerto Rico, left the future Wheel Of Fortune presenter at a very young age.

3 Cameron Diaz

I’ve never once thought of Cameron Diaz as someone of Hispanic descent, despite the very obvious last name. Apparently, she’s a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde with Cuban, German, and even Cherokee roots.