Ageing gracefully is not just a skill, it’s an art form at this point. So many celebrities choose to tweak their appearance, nip and tuck things to keep the illusion of staying young forever. There’s nothing wrong with it, to each their own. But we do have a soft spot for those who choose to avoid going under the knife or at least keep their tweaks to a minimum, instead of aiming to look like they’re 20 when they could be your grandparent. So let’s take a look at some of the celebs who aged gracefully. 

1. Molly Ringwald

If you could personify 80s movies, it would look like Molly Ringwald. We loved her in Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club. She just fits so well into the 80s, but in the year of our lord 2020 Molly is still current and fits in just as well in shows like Riverdale. And we gotta say she looks amazing. 

2. Jodie Foster

Silence of the Lambs is a great movie but it’s far from being the only one Jodie is known for. Those who remember the 70s also know her from Bugsy Malone and Freaky Friday, and honestly every single movie she’s been in since is a straight-up masterpiece, just like Jodie is.

3. Carrie Fisher

Wasn’t Princess Leia everyone’s crush at some point? In fact, we’re pretty sure she remained a huge crush for her fans up until the end. Carrie passed away in 2016, but we thought she looked absolutely stunning and aged very gracefully, even if she did leave us way too soon.