There’s no shortage of famous YouTubers, these days, but not all of them are self-made. When the platform came to fruition in 2005, people didn’t give it much thought. However, by 2019, YouTube had over 2 billion users monthly. Even with such a gigantic audience, the world of beauty vloggers hadn’t yet peaked.  

When big players in the beauty industry did start flocking to the video platform, they began to post tips, tricks, and tutorials to do with all things beauty. By 2009, the beauty community and its gurus were doing makeup reviews and earning money from their clips. 

Now, a decade later, these beauty moguls are multi-millionaires. For instance, the #1 beauty blogger, Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty, was worth around $550 million. 

Still, not everyone is self-made like Huda, who made her income from influencer moves, blogging, and product sold from her beauty line. Many of these beauty vloggers had pre-existing wealth before their influencer careers. In fact, it was their wealthy families who helped kickstart their careers in the first place. 

1. Blair Fowler 

Back in 2008, Blair Fowler, AKA Juicystar07, shared lots of fashion and makeup tips with her fans. Still, the expensive nature f the products she used in her videos left fans wondering if she even needed a job in the first place. It turns out that her father was a doctor who was footing the bill!

2. Ingrid Nilsen

This Norwegian YouTuber’s dad is an architect, which is part of how she was able to launch her beauty career so early. In 2009, she started her beauty blog so that she could get rid of her introvert tendencies and shyness. 

3. Giselle Lazzarato

You might know her as Gigi Gorgeous, but there’s probably one fact about this famous beauty YouTuber. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. The Canadian YouTuber has been living lavishly since her channel started in 2008, and part of that is thanks to her businessman dad who works in finance.