Cosmetic surgery has become so popular around the world that we went from finding it unusual to now seeing it as common. Everyone and their mom have had something done, fixed, or enhanced. This immense popularity also means that there’s an increase in cosmetic surgeries that are very obvious and some may question whether they were needed or even a good idea in the first place. Some people even get cosmetic surgeries to look more like their favorite celebrity. But the funny thing is, many of the celebrities you admire only look that way because they’ve had cosmetic surgery. Here are some of the most successful cases of cosmetic surgeries on celebrities. 

Lisa Kudrow

The famous Friends star had a rhinoplasty when she was only 16 and she says it was a truly life-changing experience. She says that the rhinoplasty for her was a good change, because it made her feel like she went from hideous to not hideous. Lisa got her nose job done the summer before going to a new school, so in a way, she got a fresh start. 

Ariel Winter 

You know her best as Alex from Modern Family and it’s not a secret to anyone that she got a breast reduction. Ariel was only 17 when she got her breast reduction and says it was to reduce back pain and help her feel better in her own skin. Being oversexualized when you’re just a teen also weighed in on that decision. But she doesn’t regret her choice to undergo this procedure. She doesn’t even try to hide her scars, because it’s all part of her and she loves herself too much to care about the haters. 

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks started modeling before she had her cosmetic surgery. Perhaps it would all work out the same way, or maybe the nose job propelled her career to new heights, we’ll never know for sure. 

Penélope Cruz

Penelope’s first cosmetic surgery was a nose job. Naturally, her nose was a bit wider and had a downward slope, but after the surgery, it became more structured and slightly thinner. Since then Penelope has had a few other minor procedures, but none of them are obvious and it’s clearly all about maintaining a certain look, not about drastic changes. 

Demi Moore

Demi Moore really is aging gracefully, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all happening naturally. Her first surgery was to correct her strabismus when she was young. Then she “corrected imperfections” in her nose, chin, and cheekbones. She also had not one but 2 breast augmentation surgeries. The first one ended up looking too unnatural so the second one was to correct and give a more natural look to her chest. But as you can see, all of these were a great success because Demi is looking stunning as ever. 

Elsa Pataky

Elsa was beautiful to begin with, as you can see from the photo on the left. She’s quite a bombshell, to be honest. However, Elsa didn’t like the prominent bump on her nose so she got a nose job. As a result, she got a dainty little nose that fits in perfectly with her features.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham never hid the fact that she had cosmetic surgery. She got a nose job and she stands by that decision. She’s also quite a big fan of botox and talks about it freely, after all, that’s what ensures that her face is still smooth and wrinkle-free after all these years. 

Bella Hadid

Bella is one of the most demanded models in the world, but did you know that she’s a fan of cosmetic surgeries? She had a rhinoplasty to make her nose smaller and thinner, she had a bichectomy to remove fat from the lower half of her face and make her face look more angular (since naturally, her face was more rounded) and you can clearly see that her lips have become a lot fuller without looking fake.