Being rich comes with a lot of upsides. The most obvious one is that you can pretty much buy whatever you want to without having to ask if you really need it. And while this does lead to a life of little to no real stress, it can also lead to some weird decisions. But hey, I guess if you’ve got the money, there’s no real reason to discourage yourself from getting even the most ridiculous of items, right?

Let’s take a look at some of the weird stuff that celebrities have bought with their vast wealth.

Lady Gaga – Ghost Detector

There’s apparently this thing where Lady Gaga is terribly frightened of a ghost named Ryan and she goes to great lengths to make sure she’s not being haunted. One of the steps she’s taken towards not having a ghost in her house was buying a $47,000 ghost detector. We should note that this only detects ghosts, it doesn’t actually make them go away. Not sure how that helps Lady Gaga.

Nicholas Cage – Haunted Mansion

Another celebrity obsessed with ghosts, Nic Cage went the entirely opposite way. Instead of trying to avoid the ghosts, he just bought a haunted house. Sadly, he lost it over a decade ago due to foreclosure but there was a good 3 year period where Nic Cage was the proud owner of a haunted mansion in New Orleans.

Paris Hilton – 325k Dog House

We know Paris Hilton loves her dogs and has a lot of money but this is kind of wacky. She actually got a dog house made that’d mimic her own house, including miniature designer furniture, and I guess that’s how you end up with a price tag that could literally get you an actual house.