Musicians can go from being at the top of the charts and having platinum albums to making one mistake that will send them down a spiral, which they might never recover from. The reasons for this can range from expressing political views, criticizing a certain religion, acting like a douchebag, or as serious as physically harming another person. Let’s take a look at 6 musicians who ruined their careers in a matter of seconds.

1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown was amongst the most famous and loved R&B artists, and his relationship with Rihanna was getting him bonus points. But that ill-fated fight with Rihanna was the end for him. You’ve all seen pictures of Rihanna beaten up by Chris Brown, they’re burned into our minds. He was charged with assault and ever since it seems like he’s had even more violent outbursts. His career never recovered and it never will. 

2. Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines seems to be both the highlight and the downfall of his career. On one hand, everyone heard it and you couldn’t get it out of your head, on the other hand, it was very misogynistic. The music video didn’t help the case at all, and that performance with Miley Cyrus was the cherry on top of this disaster. He then tried to pretend like he wasn’t aware of exactly what that would look like and sound like and hilariously his next album was supposed to be about healing his broken marriage. He basically acted like a total douche 100% of the time and his career took a nosedive.