Celebs might look all glamorous in pictures and movies, but that’s thanks to a huge team of people who make sure they look their best. You know they have stylists, makeup artists, personal trainers and personal chefs. For a lot of the red carpet events they even get outfits that are specifically tailored for them, that’s why they look so snatched. But sometimes those outfits are a bit too tailored, to the point where it restricts movement and that can only result in a fail. Other times nature just decided to swoop in with a gust of wind. Here are some outfits that massively failed these celebs.

1. This is what happens when you try to stuff Cardi B’s curves in a very tight outfit. The girl just wants to dance, and if the outfit doesn’t allow that, that’s not her fault.

2. Next time you think about wearing a super full dress, remember how Hayden Panettiere fell in her full-skirt ball gown.

3. Anne Hathaway was filming a dance number on the street and of course the wind got in the way. Thankfully, her dress came with built-in shorts.

4. This Sofia Vergara outfit fiasco was quite a memorable one. Those fabulous curves will not be contained. 

5. Ariel Winter’s dress is pretty awesome in theory. We see how it would look amazing in a photo where a model is just standing in it. But we don’t think it’s great for walking or moving in general.