Although it might be all smiles once the cameras are rolling, the truth is that not all actors and actresses enjoy being around each other. Fortunately, most of them were able to hide their true feelings on screen thanks to their stellar acting skills. From petty cover shoots to intense co-star battles, these are the actors that always butted heads with their co-stars.

1. Claire Danes & Leo DiCaprio

In “Romeo + Juliet,” these two played star-crossed lovers, but in reality, they hated each other. This was evidently based on the fact that they just had different personalities. Based on a source, Danes got annoyed with DiCaprio’s pranks on the crew and cast, while Leo found his co-star uptight. 

2. Betty White & Bea Arthur

Although they played BFFs in “The Golden Girls”, White’s upbeat vibe apparently didn’t mesh well with Bea Arthur. Although White said that the two got on each other’s nerves, in a “New York Times” panel discussion she said they were still close. However,  Bea did get annoyed at White’s constantly positive attitude. 

3. Lea Michele & Naya Rivera

Lea Michele had quite the reputation for being a bully to a variety of people on “Glee,” and the late Naya Rivera was no exception. Sources confirmed the on-set feud, and Rivera said that Lea even ignored her completely through all over season 6, comparing the starlet to her on-screen character Rachel. 

4. Nick Nolte & Julia Roberts

In “I Love Trouble,” Nick and Julia apparently had burning hate for each other before the movie even came out. From the very start, Julia had tantrums and both of them had a visible temper. Apparently, it was so bad, that they played more to stand-ins than each other. There are also tons of passive-aggressive gems in interviews.