The word “influencer” is often used to describe social media personalities, but a lot of the time it makes you think of Instagram baddies or huge YouTube channels. But TikTok has firmly wedged a place for itself in the world of social media and therefore social media influencers. TikTok as a social media platform keeps growing, so today we’d like to share with you a list of female TikTok influencers. 

1. Sofia Wylie

Sofia has 9.3M followers on TikTok, but you probably know her best from her roles on the Disney Channel. She’s an actress, singer, model and dancer, which makes her a perfect TikTok influencer. 

2. Hannah Stocking

Hannah has 25.9M followers on TikTok and she’s known for doing funny sketches on the internet. Her sense of humor is what makes her popular, it’s a mix of self-deprecating humor and pure silliness. She’s also an actress who’s got 4 movies under her belt. One of those movies is Vanquish, starring Ruby Rose and Morgan Freeman.

3. Dixie D’Amelio

Yes, this is Charli’s older sister, who’s also a TikTok influencer. She’s got 57.3M followers and she also specializes in dance and choreography on TikTok. She’s a singer as well and has released 6 singles. She also acts in a YouTube series Attaway General. Dixie recently won a Kid’s Choice Award in the category Favorite Social Music Star. 

4. Jojo Siwa

You can’t make a list of influencers and not mention JoJo Siwa. She’s got 41.2M followers on TikTok, but we all know her best from her appearance on Dance Moms with her mom. Since then she’s become quite a star, she’s a dancer, a singer and she has a YouTube channel too.