It’s almost impossible for celebrities to have any privacy these days. From the paparazzi to fans and tabloids, all the skeletons in their closet are up for grabs. Their secret shames, pasts and detailed family histories are available to the public, and even if they try to keep their personal lives as private as possible, it can be difficult in this age of technology. However, the stars on this list somehow managed to keep their secrets private until their passing. Here are the most famous celebrities who have taken massive secrets to their grave.

1. George Michael

George Michael’s life was filled with scandal, but he surprised everyone when his acts of good faith were revealed after his death. Based on information from the Associated Press, Michael made substantial donations to many charities, including Macmillan Cancer Support, Childline, and an HIV awareness group dubbed the Terrence Higgins Trust. However, he kept these donations of millions of dollars secret, donating royalties from his biggest hits. 

2. Rock Hudson

There were always rumors about this hunk, but only in 1985 did news break that this actor of the 1950s and 1960s had AIDS. After appearing more gaunt than usual at a press conference, many speculated. At the time, Hudson was the most famous person to have AIDs, but he kept it a secret until he died in 1985, and only when his post-humous autobiography mentioned his ex-boyfriend Lee Garlington, whom he called his true love. 

3. Corey Haim

Both Haim and his best friend Corey Feldman spoke out about how they were abused as young children in Hollywood. Feldman was more outspoken about this, and Haim died before any investigations occurred. Haim also reportedly did not want to reveal this information since he thought it would result in his death. Years later, on the “Dr. Oz Show” his mother claimed it was Dominick Brascia.

4. Prince

Just like George Michael, musician Prince Rogers Nelson was a secret philanthropist, and his secrets were not scandalous at all. In fact, he did things like write a $50,000 check to the Green Jobs Act, as well as co-founding an educational effort called #YesWeCode, which teaches urban minority youths technology. He also donated significant funds to Trayvon Martin’s family, all done in private.