Celebs are polarizing figures — they’re loved and hated by millions due to their offscreen or onscreen antics. Even with your favorite celebrity, you might go through a rollercoaster of feelings when it comes to your attitude towards them. Here are the top celebrities whom the masses have had a love/hate relationship with.

1. Kanye West

Let’s face it, the man is a musical genius and was the soundtrack for many of our formative years. He started getting controversial with all that Taylor Swift drama onstage and then said various egomaniac comments like stating he’s mentioned in the Bible. It was recently announced that Kanye struggles with bipolar disorder, which can help to excuse some of his actions, but it’s still not cool to take away a woman’s onstage moment, and equally uncool to harass your ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

2. Will Smith

Feelings towards Will Smith usually change based on the roles he plays. For instance, the first Men in Black and I Am Legend left him beloved by the public, but movies like Hancock just made people annoyed with him. There’s also the fact that he recently physically assaulted comedian Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars, which left many people realizing that Smith might not be the good guy we’ve always made him out to be. 

3. Britney Spears

When she shaved her head and had a nervous breakdown, lots of people ridiculed this pop queen. She entered stardom at a too-young age and unfortunately suffered the consequences. For many years, she was hated and misunderstood, but ever since news of her conservatorship broke and the #freebritney movement started, people were starting to understand and sympathize with Britney.

4. Rihanna and Chris Brown

While Chris Brown is definitely the villain in this story, we wish Rihanna would have been a better role model back then and not taken him back after he brutally beat her up. While RiRi’s career and personal life have definitely gone in a different direction since then, the chaotic relationship between these two forever tarnished their reputation. 

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